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We have an unwavering technology that helps deliver advanced treatment and carry Neuro Surgical services & procedures.

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we are dedicated to ensuring optimal patient and family care with advanced and thorough service.

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Spondylosis / Disc Prolapse
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Neck Pain / Back Pain
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Brain Tumor
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Spine Injuries
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Stroke / Paralysis
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Head Injury / Risks

Publications In Peer-reviewed Indexed Journals

Primary tentorial liposarcoma. Clin Neuropathol. 2015


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Testimonial 1

Dear Dr. Laxminadh Garu !

I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for the successful burr hole surgery operation you performed on my elderly mom sulochana bai ( she is 93). All our concerns for surgery bcoz of her age vanished with the kind confidence you gave us, Your expertise and skill have made such a tremendous impact on in her life, and I cannot thank you enough.

I appreciate that you took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. Your calm and confident demeanor gave me the reassurance I needed during a stressful time. Your knowledge and attention to detail were truly incredible and remarkable.

Thanks to your outstanding talents, my mom now is on the path to recovery and feeling much much better. You have made an incredible difference in her life, she mentions your name to everybody meeting her after surgery and I feel blessed to have had you as my neurosurgeon. I reiterate you are saviour.

I Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your outstanding dedication to patient care is truly inspiring.

Testimonial 1

My uncle was suffering from leg numbness along with radiating pain, and we had consulted with a couple of doctors earlier, and all of them suggested spine surgery. However, my uncle is over 70 years old, and we were not comfortable with him undergoing surgery.

After much deliberation and based on a strong referral, we took our uncle to Dr. Laxminadh for an initial consultation. We brought along all the reports, including MRI and X-rays, to have a detailed conversation with him. We were not sure how much time he could give us to address our concerns, but to our surprise, he patiently listened to us for a long time. The conversation was fantastic and made us think positively about the surgery. My uncle is a retired lecturer with good knowledge of science, and after consulting with Dr. Laxminadh, he said, "The doctor has a tremendous clarity on the subject of neurology and spinal disorders. I am happy and more clear now". There were two issues with his spine - L4-5 listhesis, L3-4 and L4-5 severe canal stenosis, which was a bit major.

Dr. Laxminadh clearly stated that the Canal stenosys could be addressed first, and then based on the anatomy of the body, they will decide whether to go ahead with screw fixation.

We had subsequent consultations with Dr. Laxminadh, and every time we visited him, we became more comfortable with our decision to go ahead with the surgery. My uncle had a successful surgery on February 1st, 2023. On the day of surgery, we got a chance to talk to Dr. Laxminadh in the pre-surgery area. As usual, he made us comfortable with his cool and composed talk, which is a must for patients. The surgery took around 4-5 hours that covered both issues. We met my uncle back in the post-surgery observation area and shifted to the room after a few hours. Dr. Laxminadh visited us that evening and talked about the recovery aspect. His confident look and talk were enough for us to turn from a curious mindset to a normal one.

It has been 3-4 weeks since the surgery, and I am very happy to say that my uncle is well on his way to recovery. He can do everything by himself, walk quite normally, and has no pain or issues. We met Dr. Laxminadh two weeks after the surgery for a scheduled checkup, and we thanked him and his team wholeheartedly for giving a new happy life for my uncle. I have never seen a doctor with such ease, composed, patient listening, down-to-earth attitude, compassionate, and after all, a good human being.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Laxminadh! I will remember him forever!

Testimonial 1

My younger brother kiran kumar had Severe spinal canal stenosis at L4-L5. We approached Dr.Laximinada , He did detailed analysis. And explained to us in detail what is happening in back calmly. Also explained what kind of surgery procedure going to perform to correct it. Also discussed other risk factor associated with it. It gave very much confidence to go with this Dr. for this surgery. Finally he undergone surgery by Dr. Laximinada. It went smooth. His back pain is gone and he is in recovery path. Dr. Is easily reachable, experienced, competent with latest surgery equipments . My brother and our full family strongly recommend this Dr.

Testimonial 1

Thank you doctor for your confidence in treating my father. I really appreciate the way you handled his case. Your confidence made me take a decision of bringing my father from Mumbai to Hyderabad. You have a unique ability to make patient's attendant understand patient's situation. Offcourse you are highly skilled and i might not be the right person to judge it, but i feel you are one of those best doctors i have ever met. May god bless you and give you the courage to keep up your good work. Thank you doctor thank you for all your support.

Testimonial 1

Dr Laxminadh Sivaraju is a very professional and experienced neuro surgeon in Continental hospitals Hyderabad. We have consulted him for a L5 disc prolapse problem for my wife during May 2020 for the treatment . Dr Laxminadh was very professional in explaining the detail of the problem and the surgery implications coz we were little skeptical about opting for a surgery initially.With his expert guidance and confidence we went ahead and got the surgery done and now my wife has recovered well post the treatment. Dr keeps in touch with us regularly and tracks the recovery and progress even after 3 months of the surgery and we are thankful to him for his gesture and would definitely recommend him. Wish you all the best Dr Laxminadh Sivaraju for your future endeavors.


I have 12+ years as a neuro surgeon and performed more than 2500 neurosurgical procedures.